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Pickles & Relish

Holy Moly Mama! Have you ever tasted a pickle you couldn't quit eating? These pickles are a mystery of nature. No really they are! They start sweet, move into a little bit of dill and end with a little kick of spice.


I opened a jar of these while I was cooking dinner one night thinking I would put them on the table for everyone. Welllllllll it really wasn't my fault, I just couldn't help it. Before I knew it, they were gone. I justified it by saying I had just eaten my greens. What can I say?.


Three Great Varieties!

For those of you that don't know a cowgirl let me tell you a little bit about them. These girls/women can throw a bale of hay, fix a fence in the snow, help pull a calf and then fix you the best meal you've ever had. They are tough and tender, feisty and sweet all in the same package. If you are lucky enough to get a kiss from a cowgirl, its the sweetest thing you will ever know.  But be careful, because she might just kick your butt later. Our cowgirl kisses are candied jalapenos that can be poured over cream cheese for a great dip or put on your favorite sandwich or just eaten plain. Give them a try to get that perfect kiss!

Quantities can be adjusted in shopping cart.

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