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Sauces & Mustard

Some of our newest products that you just can't live without!

If you like a little sweet with your heat, we have a sauce for you! We have three sauces to choose from. A Raspberry Habanero, a Peach Habanero and a Blackberry Habanero sauce. These are great on anything from chicken and pork to eggrolls and even deserts. Yes, even deserts like ice cream and cheesecake. If your looking forward to those summer salads, we have a dressing that will compliment it perfectly. Try our Raspberry Habanero Vinaigrette Dressing and see if you agree.

Have you ever known that bad girl you just couldn't live without? Well, Jezebel is here. This sweet/hot lady is a sauce that can be poured over cream cheese for a sinful appetizer or used as a glaze for ham or a sauce on pork chops that is just heavenly. Unlike pepper jelly, this concoction gets its heat from horseradish----yummy!!!!

A perfect pairing for any hamburger or hot dog is our sweet jalapeno mustard. It's great as a snack with crackers or summer sausage. I always keep a jar in my fridge.

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